m3 (multi modular mount) system

A brief history of how the system came about

More details on the individual m3 components and pricing


We would like to thank all those who provided valuable feedback on the current design.


Dual 80mm scopes using the m3 system on a GPDX


Here are some examples of setup's using m3 components


An EQ6 setup using an m3 Basic Plate to support 2 William Optics saddles

with William Optics Scopes attached


A William Optics / Vixen piggyback configuration

mounted on an EQ6 using an m3 Basic Plate


A TMB /Skywatcher ED side by side combination using an m3 Basic Plate,

2 support bars & a pair of 150mm collimating rings on a GPDX mount



This setup shows an Orion Optics GX250 (10") side by side mounted with a 70mm Skywatcher refractor

in 150mm collimating rings for guiding (showing that even big OTA's can be accommodated)


We would like to inform you all that based on your comments, the first batch of mounting plates are now available and we have started work on other components of the system, so if there is something specific you are looking for let us know as we may already be working on it.

Based on requests from users of 3" dovetail systems (Losmandy, CGE, William Optics, m3 etc..) we have developed a safety clamp to fit onto these dovetails to help prevent the dovetail bar from slipping if the locking clamp is accidentally released, if you are interested please Email for more information

Please note that as a result of requests from various customers we are now also able to supply counterweights for most mounts, in fact the counterweights in the pictures above were supplied by us, so if you want more information on availability & price please contact us via Email

For anybody who would like further details on the m3 system please contact us at sales@astrodevelopments.co.uk for more information.